Friday, May 1, 2015

PMR5 MEETUP SPOT: North Hills Town Center  (HEB Grocery store shopping center), 4815 W. Braker Ln, 78759. On SW corner of intersection of Braker and 183.  Be there at 9:30am, ready to go.
PMR5 Pre-Party Gathering, Tonight @ C-Hunt's Ice House in north Austin.  9611 McNeil Road, just north of 183.  We will start showing up around 6:30pm or so.  Come on out and join us; the weather is perfect!  BRING CASH; C-Hunts does not accept credit/debit cards, cash only!  Oh, and don't sit on top of the picnic tables!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PMR5 Official route map.  We will leave north Austin from the North Hills Town Center (shopping center with an HEB)parking lot for PMR5 on Saturday morning.  Meetup time is 9:30am.  More details soon when I'm not blogging from my tiny tablet.
Hello all!  The first of the PMR5 MEGA PRIZE PACK RAFFLE giveaways is happening tonight!  You have just over 6 hours left to purchase your raffle tickets by visiting WWW.OLDFILTHY.COM.  Pick up your official PMR5 patch for just $10.00 (shipped, if you require it) and it includes one (1) raffle ticket!  Additional raffle tickets are available for just $5.00!  First raffle tonight at 8pm cst; winner to be announced here and on Instagram!  Don't miss out!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

PMR5 - May 2nd, 2015, departing from Austin, TX

Welcome friends!  It's time to prepare for another psychotic journey through Central Texas with a whole bunch of bearded chopper weirdos and zany motorcycle riders of every ilk.  Yes, it's nearly time, for PMR5!  I'll begin filling you in on useful information regarding the run in the coming days, but for now, I have to offer up some thanks!  First, to the crew from Old Filthy (LLC/MC); my constant friends for years, I couldn't do this without them.  You fellas are the best of the best.  To our longtime sponsors at Biltwell, ChopCult, Zombie Performance and Loud and Greasy; you've been with us from day one when we ran the first PMR back in 2011, my very grateful thanks.  To Lowbrow Customs who joined us to support PMR4 last year and again this year; you are the classiest retailers that I know of and I'm proud to have you aboard.  And finally, to new friends and PMR5 sponsors Voodoo Vintage and Show Class Magazine; I love what both of you do and am floored to have your support for our event, thank you!

So, as you await new info on PMR5, make sure to mark it down on your calendar and plan to arrive in Austin on Friday, May 1st (that's the night before the run, don'tcha know).  We have plans for a pre-party meet-up in Austin on Friday night before the run and will surely cook up some post-run activities, provided they aren't ruined by last year.

Hope to see you in May, friends!